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“Robert Mugabe not well, in Singapore hospital” – says Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe elections Robert Mugabe“The former president is not doing well, but he will be okay” – Mnangagwa

robert mugabe not well in singapore hospital says mnangagwa 1024x853 - “Robert Mugabe not well, in Singapore hospital” – says Mnangagwa

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has confirmed that his predecessor, Robert Mugabe, is currently being treated in a Singapore hospital.

Why is Robert Mugabe in hospital?

As reported by Times Live, Mnangagwa revealed that the former president was not well. He noted that Mugabe left the country on Tuesday, 2 April, to Singapore, where he has been ever since.

“I am making sure that I do the facilitation for him to receive treatment, take him to Singapore and to bring him back, all the facilities, I make sure that it is done,” Mnangagwa, who toppled Mugabe off in a 2017 coup, stated.

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The state of Zimbabwe, post-Mugabe

It has been about 17 months since Mugabe was removed from power by his former ally.

Mnangagwa described the military-back coupe of November 2017 as a new dawn for Zimbabwe. However, not much has progressed since.

Mugabe held this promise in 1987 during his ascension from Prime Minister to President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

One of the key reasons why Zimbabwe finds itself as a collapsed state was the attack Mugabe had launched against white landowners.

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It was expropriation of land without compensation on a scale we all fear. Since then, the country’s progression into a state in recovery has been halted by sanctions imposed by superpower countries like the United States.

According to the most recent Freedom in the World report, Zimbabwe has regressed into the defunct state it was in back when Mugabe was at the helm.

“Zimbabwe’s political system returned in some ways to its pre-coup status quo, as the ruling Zanu PF party won deeply flawed general elections following the military’s ouster of longtime President Robert Mugabe in 2017.

“Despite Mnangagwa’s pledges to respect political institutions and govern in the interest of all Zimbabweans, his new administration has shown few signs that it is committed to fostering genuine political competition, and it has continued to enforce laws that limit expression,” the report read.

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