Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

“Ramaphosa won’t help”: FF+ urge farmers to defend themselves instead

FF+ Farmers farm murders“Farmers, you’re on your own” – that’s how FF+ leader Pieter Groenewald has interpreted Cyril Ramaphosa’s SONA reply, and he’s got a message for rural communities.

ramaphosa wont help ff urge farmers to defend themselves instead 1024x637 - “Ramaphosa won’t help”: FF+ urge farmers to defend themselves instead

farmers farm murders ff 1200x747 - “Ramaphosa won’t help”: FF+ urge farmers to defend themselves instead

With the SONA Debate – and reply – wrapped up for another year, the dust was left to settle on Parliament this Wednesday. But one man who won’t take Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech lying down is Pieter Groenewald. The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) leader has been left aghast by the president’s “refusal to acknowledge farm murders in South Africa”.

Farmers and farm murders in South Africa

Groenewald had raised the issue on Tuesday, expecting some sort of response from Cyril once he took to the podium. However, his reply did not include anything about the attacks on the farming community in this country.

Hundreds of attacks (and 62 farm murders) were reported in the last financial year. They may only equate for 0.3% of the murder rate in South Africa, but the problem is very real. However, this scourge is often falsely equated to the “white genocide” conspiracy theory, making it a political hot potato for some officials.

FF+ leader Pieter Groenewald rallies farmers

Frustrated with the oversight, Pieter Groenewald made a call to arms for farmers: He told them that the time had come to defend themselves “by any means necessary” from intruders, stating that rural communities need a dedicated unit like the anti-gang operation in the Western Cape:

“It is now clear that the government has turned its back on the farmers in our country. To combat gang violence a special gang unit was established in the police force. However, it raises the question of why the same thing cannot be done to address the pressing problem of farm attacks?”

“As a result, the FF Plus is calling on all farmers to organise themselves so as to take care of their own safety. It is their constitutional right and cannot be put off any longer. The time has come for rural communities to ensure their own safety. Cyril Ramaphosa has no regard for farmers’ wellbeing.”

Pieter Groenewald

Self-defence in South Africa

As a general rule of thumb, you can only take a life “if another life is in danger”. If you shoot an unarmed invader, you’d be in serious trouble yourself. The only time one would have “free reign” to defend themselves is if the attackers were armed and were threatening to kill or seriously harm you or other residents.

You can learn more about the nuance of self-defence laws in South Africa here.

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