Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Radovan Krejcir’s shocking threats: “Send me home or I will escape”

Radovan Krejcir Zuma bribeKrejcir says the government has no choice but to extradite him because, come hell or high waters, he will escape

radovan krejcirs shocking threats send me home or i will escape - Radovan Krejcir’s shocking threats: “Send me home or I will escape”

AV 00051827 - Radovan Krejcir’s shocking threats: “Send me home or I will escape”

Convicted gang lord and murderer, Radovan Krejcir, has made it clear that should he be not granted leave to be extradited to his home country, the Czech Republic, he will undoubtedly embarrass the South African government and escape from prison.

As reported by Times Live, the drug smuggler’s attorney, Eric Mabuza, noted in a statement. He confirmed that a letter requesting Correctional Services Minister, Michael Masutha, to consider this bizarre extradition request was sent as a warning.

What is Radovan Krejcir in prison for?

Krejcir, who ran from his home country for crimes committed, made a name for himself in South Africa’s underworld. However, his dealings in the illicit drug trade would be the chief reason why he is where he is now: languishing in a cold cell with a small bed and an unsavoury food menu.

The Czech gang lord was convicted for the kidnapping, torture and subsequent murder of Bheki Lukhele, a man linked to Krejcir. He is currently serving a 35-year sentence for the crime, and he is not enjoying a single day of it.

How does Krejcir plan on escaping prison?

According to Mabuza, Krejcir’s extradition to the Czech Republic is long overdue. He revealed that his client has warned that should Masutha not accept his request, not only will he file a lawsuit against the Correctional Services Minister, but he will most certainly escape.

“Another unfortunate reality is that for as long as Mr Krejcir is incarcerated in a South African prison with no imminent hope of parole, he will remain a high-risk candidate to escape. Should this unfortunate event materialise the South African government will undoubtedly be severely embarrassed,” Mabuza warned.

Masutha’s office noted that it has received the Czech gangster’s letter and that Masutha would peruse over it. However, they can only decide on the matter once Krejcir files a formal application with the courts.

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