Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

Pretoria killer strikes again: Fifth homeless person found dead

Pretoria serial killerAnother homeless man has been found murdered in the Muckleneuk suburb of Pretoria, near the UNISA campus. The case has the hallmarks of a serial killer.

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Police in Pretoria have discovered another murdered homeless man in the same region of the city, finding their fifth body in under three weeks. A high-level task team, including forensic pathologists and detectives, are leading the investigation into the potential serial killer, following another gruesome revelation near the UNISA campus.

Pretoria “serial killer” – what we know so far:

All five victims now fit a certain profile: They were homeless, males of middle-to-senior age, and attacked during the night. They were all stabbed in the upper regions of the body and also suffered blunt force trauma to the head, with each victim being discovered in Muckleneuk, Pretoria.

In a statement issued by SAPS, authorities are now calling for partnerships with private security and members of the public; and any other volunteers who could assist in the apprehension of the suspect and – more importantly – bring this menace to an end.

Police vow to hunt down Pretoria killer

Lieutenant General Mawela has vowed to catch whoever is behind these murders and restore calm to the community. The official stopped short of using the term serial killer, but heavily-suggested this is what we’re dealing with – Mawela identified the suspect as a “nocturnal prowler”:

“Without sowing panic amongst our communities especially in the Muckleneuk area, we want to caution the public to be vigilant and be aware of this nocturnal prowler preying on the vulnerable.

“Ours, as the police, is to work around the clock and make sure that this madness is brought to an end. For now, we are in the process of getting these homeless people into shelters”

Lieutenant General Mawela

How you can help

Citizens with any information about the crime, the perpetrator(s) or the victims are being advised to get in touch with authorities immediately. You can come forward anonymously, either by contacting the Sunnyside Police Station or the Crime Stop team, on 08600 10111.

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