Mon. May 25th, 2020

Political commentators’ thoughts on Thuli Madonsela as Deputy President

Thuli madonselaSouth Africa’s former Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, seems to be a favourite for Deputy President. Lindiwe Sisulu was also mentioned.

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Thuli Madonsela suggested as a possible Deputy President candidate follows after Cyril Ramaphosa promised that South Africans would approve of his new cabinet.

Bruce Whitfield from the Money Show on 702 spoke to a Senior Lecturer at School of Economics and Business Science of the Witwatersrand Lumkile Mondi, as well Ferial Haffajee from Daily Maverick and Busisiwe Mavus, the COO at Business Leadership SA.

Whitfield wanted to know what we could expect from Ramaphosa’s new cabinet. He asked

When asked who the Deputy President might be, Mondi said he believes it could be Lindiwe Sisulu. Haffajee didn’t agree, and Mavuso from Business Leadership SA added:

“I hear the name of Professor Thuli Madonsela has been mentioned for Deputy President […] We think she would be a brilliant, brilliant appointment.”

Thuli Madonsela served as South Africa’s Public Protector from 2009 to 2016 and was succeeded by Busisiwe Mkhwebane.

Haffajee also said it’s going to be a smaller “Cabinet of mergers,” while Mondi said that Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema should “put the interests of the country first.”

“A lots of the deputy ministers are going to go. […] I’ve been looking at some of the comparisons between countries of a similar size and economy to ours, and we really are the outlier.”

Apart from the negativity around Malema, Lumkile raised his concern about Eskom as well and said it “could lead to the complete collapse of South Africa.”

Whitfield asked Mavuso about the EFF’s ominous warning about white monopoly. Mavuso said business is a given and that “we can’t be a country that is pro-poor and anti-business.

“Business is what makes the economy go around. Out of 16m people employed in the country today, the Government only employes 2m. The business [sector] employs the rest.”

Her expectations regarding Ramaphosa’s administration is that the president continues his “brilliant work regarding reform.”

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