Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

Planned fuel protests could disrupt SA’s election day next week

Fuel protestsThe “Papppi” group are ready to send a clear message to the government with their fuel protests – scheduled for the biggest day on the political calendar.

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The grumblings of discontent over our rising petrol prices could soon manifest into something much more physical. The People Against Petrol and Paraffin Price Increases (Papppi) group are threatening to stage fuel protests on a national scale for Wednesday 8 May – the same day South Africans go to the polls for the 2019 Elections.

Fuel protests on election day planned

Vivian Reddy is the National Convenor for Papppi, and he has been addressing the media on Tuesday. He spoke to eNCA about how he and his fellow members are gatvol with soaring fuel prices and encouraged all voters in Mzansi to turn their backs on the ANC and hold them accountable for the near-record prices:

“I’m saying that the cause of our high fuel prices in this country is the government, and we must go ahead with fuel protests. They are increasing our fuel prices by the end of today, then asking us to go and vote for them next week. You must be a special kind of stupid to go along with that.”

Vivian Reddy

Reddy certainly didn’t mince his words, and also promised that members of Papppi would mobilise next Wednesday to make their feelings about fuel hikes heard loud and clear. In an attempt to speak to their organisers, we were told that a plan of action is currently being drawn up, and the group will announce their plans soon.

What do Papppi stand for?

We understand that Papppi are still in consultation with their lawyers about how they can go ahead with their fuel protests. Their mission statement explains what they want from the government to reign-in spiralling costs. For starters, they demand a petrol price freeze until the fuel pricing strategy for South Africa has been reviewed.

Once that’s been sorted, the group want to see 35% wiped off the value of petrol prices nationwide – this roughly equates to all tax we pay on our fuel, such as the Road Accident Fund and international levies. The group also want an inquiry into the sale of SA’s fuel reserves and an R8-per-litre cap on all SASOL-produced fuel.

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