Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

Pixel: Why customers are ditching Samsung for Google

Google Pixel Samsung Apple iPhoneApproximately 51% of Google’s new customers were upgrading from a Samsung handset, most commonly the S7 model.

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Huawei is currently doing everything in their power to wrest away market share from Samsung in the cut-throat flagship smartphone market. It’s interesting to see that in the US, at least the brand with the fastest growth is actually the Google Pixel line of phones.

While the Pixel is still not officially available in South Africa, we can live in the hope that the brand’s success will spur them on to expand into additional markets like ours.

Until then, you’ll need to take your chances with importing it or wait until your next relative comes visiting from the UK or US. In the fourth quarter of last year, Pixel handsets made up 7.3% of Verizon’s sales, according to a Counter Point research study.

Consumers are flocking away from Samsung

Interestingly of those buying pixel phones, 51% of them were upgrading from a Samsung handset. As reported byPhone Arena, the most common model that buyers owned previously was the Samsung S7.

Disappointingly for Google, only 18% of their new buyers were moving from an Apple device. While Samsung is trying in vain to keep their customers, it appears as though iPhone customers are more loyal.

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The Pixel exists as part of an attempt by Google to create a device which could tempt users away from Apple at the moment it seems. So far their efforts seem to have been in vain.

Decrease in price and innovative design

The massive price tags on the latest flagships it seems might be starting to take it’s toll as phones prices remain exorbitant without enormous innovation.

The introduction of folding screens in the future is likely to move the goalposts for the first time in several years as the market comes to grips with the first revolutionary rather than evolutionary product line-up for some time.

For this reason, it’s probably no surprise that users are upgrading their older Samsung models to good-looking and capable handsets like the Pixel and the Oneplus 6T.

The latter are at least able to purchase online in South Africa.

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