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Pennyville Shutdown: Angry protesters demand title deeds [video]

pennyville shutdownThe situation in Pennyville has intensified since the early hours of Friday morning.

pennyville shutdown angry protesters demand title deeds video 1024x619 - Pennyville Shutdown: Angry protesters demand title deeds [video]

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The Pennyville Shutdown has caused a delay in traffic since residents barricaded Mooki Street and the main road in Noordgesig with burned tyres and rubble on Friday morning.

According to the protesters who spoke to eNCA‘s Silindelo Masikane, the community is sick and tired of the Gauteng provincial government and its empty promises.

What sparked the Pennyville shutdown?

One protester said that the community was welcomed into Pennyville on a rent-to-buy deal that was supposed to mature in five years.

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It has been nine years and the community says it has yet to receive its title deeds. The City of Johannesburg has been accused of attempting to evict residents who have defaulted in rent payments.

The protesters noted that a memorandum was submitted to the office of the premier for consideration. They have given the provincial government seven days to respond or face the likelihood of an ungovernable province.

What we know about the housing situation in Pennyville

05894496 pennyville - Pennyville Shutdown: Angry protesters demand title deeds [video]
Pennyville housing project in construction / Photo: Calgro M3 Group

According to the Calgro M3 Group — the company that developed Pennyville in partnership with the City’s department of housing — the project was launched to benefit the Zamimpilo informal settlement, Orlando East backyard dwellers, the communities of Riverlea, Noordgesig and Wesbury.

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A total of 2 800 units were developed. 1 578 were fully subsidised RDP houses, while 600 were part of the Johannesburg Social Housing Company subsidy.

These were awarded to residents of Zamimpilo who did not qualify for a housing subsidy, on a rent-to-buy basis. Those who qualified for these 600 units had to earn a minimum of R3 500 a month.

Police clashed with the protesters, shooting rubber bullets and launching teargas to disperse crowds. The community, however, has vowed to continue with protest action until their voices are heard.

These are just some snippets of the scenes in Pennyville as of Friday morning.

Watch: Pennyville protesters take to the streets in demand of title deeds

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