Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

Panyaza Lesufi unveils new Hoerskool Driehoek walkway

hoerskool driehoek walkwayAt the unveiling, Lesufi noted that he hopes to find middle ground with the parents of the affected learners.

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f5220221 hoerskool driehoek 1200x800 - Panyaza Lesufi unveils new Hoerskool Driehoek walkway

Gauteng education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi, on Tuesday, stood on the walkway that once claimed the lives of four Hoerskool Driehoek learners to unveil the newly-built structure.

As reported by EWN, the walkway that had collapsed in February, killing four pupils and injuring at least 20, was improved with insertions of concrete and steel.

Panyaza Lesufi unveils new Hoerskool Driehoek walkway

This, Lesufi claimed, was to ensure the safety of the learners, that was compromised when the structure fell apart as they made their way to class two months ago.

A bigger problem that the education MEC is dealing with is the lawsuits that have piled up against his department.

Parents of the affected learners have taken the provincial education department to court, calling for compensation on damages and losses.

While Lesufi claims to have no objections over the lawsuits, he did indicate a need to find common ground with the parents.

“I don’t want to oppose anything; I really feel that the lawyers must meet and find a solution and find the middle ground. I didn’t sit under the tree and said the structure must fall,” Lesufi stated.

“Walkway report will be released soon” – Lesufi

The education MEC confirmed that he was in possession of three reports from the investigation into the collapse of the walkway.

The details of these reports would not be released yet, Lesufi confirmed. He only indicated that they would be made public soon.

The top priority for Lesufi, after the launch of the improved walkway, was to find middle ground with the affected learners’ parents.

“Find negotiations, find the middle ground that’s acceptable to all parties and find a mechanism that will resolve this matter,” he added.

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