Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Panyaza Lesufi back in education: The people have spoken

Lesufi Höerskool HF VerwoerdPublic outcry at Panyaza Lesufi moving to the finance department seems to have made Gauteng Premier David Makhura change his mind.

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After a mixed reaction to his decision to appoint Panyaza Lesufi as Gauteng’s finance MEC, Premier David Makhura has now decided to leave him in charge of education.

Lesufi wanted in every department

While South Africans are no strangers to being surprised when politicians are elected to certain government positions, with Lesufi it was a completely different kind of disappointment.

The 51-year-old has built a stellar reputation for himself for revamping education in Gauteng and the public was torn by the announcement that Makura wanted to move him to finance.

On the one hand, small business owners celebrated the idea of having someone competent behind the province’s money, while others were concerned about what would happen to education without Lesufi in charge.

One commenter even revealed he was hoping Lesufi would be moved onto the human settlement portfolio to help address the land question in Gauteng.

Passion for education

The vast majority of reaction, though, was sadness at seeing someone who had done so much for education in Gauteng change portfolios before he could realise complete his project.

Lesufi has spoken often, and at length, about his passion for ensuring the next generation receives a good education. He believes it’s the key to unlocking the country’s economic potential and it’s hard to disagree with him.

Thankfully, perhaps not for the finance portfolio, calm heads have prevailed and Makhura reverted his decision, allowing him to remain as education MEC for Gauteng.

Positive reaction

Understandably, the general reaction from the public to Lesufi being back in education has been good. They voiced their concerns and were both acknowledged and placated by the province’s leadership.

A classic win-win for all parties involved. Most importantly the learners of Gauteng.

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