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Obed Leshoro: What we know so far about Naledi Lethoba suspected killer

naledi lethoba obed leshoro welkomLeshoro has been identified as the murderer of Naledi Lethoba.

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Welkom authorities have identified a suspect in the brutal murder of Naledi Lethoba.

The body of the 21-year-old victim was discovered in an open-field in Dagbreek, on Sunday, 19 May.

According to Welkom police cluster commander, Lerato Molale, investigators were shocked by the gruesome crime scene they stumbled upon.

“The body was badly burnt, a knife was stuck in the neck and it was just lying around there in the trees, hence I am saying she was murdered in a spine-chilling manner,” he said.

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Who is the suspect in Naledi Lethoba murder?

Police confirmed that upon closer inspection of her partly charred torso, it was discovered that Lethoba had, at some time during or after her murder, been burned. Furthermore, it is believed that her killer had cut off her breasts.

19-year-old, Obed Leshoro, was identified as the prime suspect in the brutal murder. On Tuesday, his family assisted in handing him over to the police.

Leshoro appeared briefly before the Welkom Magistrate’s Court and his case was postponed until 14 June, where his bail application will be argued.

For now, Molale confirmed that he has been remanded in custody. We did a little bit of digging and this is what we know about the 19-year-old suspect so far.

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What we know about Obed Leshoro

It is believed that Lethoba and the suspect were acquainted in some capacity.

The victim, a former student at the Goldfields TVET College is rumoured to have been in a relationship with the suspect.

According to Molale, the two did not attend the same college as previously thought. Based on Leshoro’s Facebook profile, he was a student from the ICALC Training Academy in Welkom, just two kilometres away from where Lethoba studied.

“He was not from the same campus as Naledi, he was studying somewhere and at the same time I would like to thank parents of the suspect as well as the investigating team who uncovered that he was the suspect,” Molale added.

Further reports suggest that Leshoro was considered by his peers as a quiet and seemingly harmless person.

It is believed that before college, he went to Welkom Gimnasium High School.

Although, by the time of publication of this article, the school had not responded to our request to verify this information.

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Molale has indicated that, for now, the motive behind the gory murder has yet to be established, implying that the suspect, at this point, has not been cooperating with authorities.

However, the rumour mill in Welkom suggests that this may be linked to a fallen relationship between the two.

A recent mutilation video showing a woman being attacked and sliced in the same area Lethoba’s wounds were discovered, has been disbanded as fake news by authorities.

The source of the video is from a 2017 murder case in Brazil, where three female suspects were sought by authorities for slaughtering a rival gang member.

People have been urged to stop sharing the disturbing video and linking it to the death of Lethoba, as this is exacerbating the spread of fake news.

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