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Nicholas Ninow in hospital for alleged drug overdose

Nicholas Ninow DrosThe 21-year-old is in a stable condition.

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Nicholas Ninow, the man whose rape trial has yet to take off, has been admitted to hospital after he was found in prison with a swollen arm.

As reported by Citizen, Ninow was found in that state after he had allegedly injected an unknown drug substance into his arm, puncturing the wrong vein.

Why is Nicholas Ninow in hospital?

Themba Masango from the #NotInMyName campaign told the publication that Ninow was transported from Kgosi Mampuru II prison to a Kalafong Hospital where he was treated for an apparent drug overdose.

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After a 30-day psychiatric assessment, Ninow was considered fit to stand trial, after the state of his mental health was brought to the spotlight by his defence.

With five months to go until his trial, Masango expressed his concerns with Ninow’s apparent intention to avoid accountability.

“He mustn’t die and should face justice. Our main worry is that prisons are easy drug dens. He should be charged with possession of drugs and drug possession.” he said.

How did he get hold of the drugs?

It is believed that the 21-year-old’s grandmother is the only person that still pays him a visit. She allegedly brings him food and according to reports from prison wardens, it is understood that Ninow trades this for drugs.

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Masango believes that the drugs Ninow took are a mixture of smuggled narcotics and those that are concocted in prisons.

“He was admitted on Friday due to a drug overdose. He injected the drugs and his whole arm is swollen. It was a mixture of drugs that they use in prison. These are drugs smuggled in,” Masango added.

The accused rapist is said to be in a stable condition and it is likely that he will be placed under suicide watch.

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