Sun. Nov 17th, 2019

New Northern Cape Premier says he will strip these “luxuries” from MECs

Zamani Saul Northern Cape PremierNow this is what we call a shake-up: Dr Zamani Saul is the new Northern Cape Premier, and he’s vowed to do things differently in the province.

new northern cape premier says he will strip these luxuries from mecs 1024x853 - New Northern Cape Premier says he will strip these “luxuries” from MECs

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The ANC’s Dr Zamani Saul has entered provincial leadership with a bang. The new Northern Cape Premier made headlines this week, when he immediately declared that there would be no pictures of serving MECs on the wall, in order to avoid “glorifying” staff who must instead focus on serving the people.

Who is Dr Zamani Saul?

He doubled-down on his stance when speaking to Radio 702 on Friday morning. Saul is a traditionally left-wing politician, whose values are derived from a democratically-socialist point of view. And it shows…

“This is an ideological stance, and I should explain why I say that; the African National Congress (ANC) is a revolutionary movement, and we remain a revolutionary movement.”

“The constitutional makeup in the country is a liberal democracy, so as revolutionaries in the ANC, we should at all times be critical about state power and the classes of liberal democracy.”

Zamani Saul

New Northern Cape Premier cutting down on MEC luxuries

However, taking a few pictures down from the walls of the local legislature isn’t where Zamani Saul plans to stop. He has revealed several other proposals to make the Northern Cape a “people-first” organisation, which foregoes the traditional perks usually associated with government officials.

The Doctor has vowed to end all blue-light escorts to the provincial Parliament, brandishing them as a waste of money. In fact, Saul is hellbent on redistributing these funds to services which will benefit local citizens. He’s got an extensive hit-list, we can tell you that much…

  • Saul says there will be “no budget” for luxury cars. The funding will go towards providing ambulances, instead.
  • He will downsize his own office space massively, opting to work in “the corner” of other government facilities.
  • The state house, where the Northern Cape Premier traditionally conducts their business, will be put up for sale – all funds raised will, according to Saul, be pumped into local education schemes.

His radical proposals have been warmly received on social media. In fact, it’s a model that we wouldn’t mind seeing implemented on a national scale. Zamani Saul has five years to show he can keep his promises – a test that will truly distinguish him from all the other politicians.

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