Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

Naledi Pandor calls ambassador Zindzi Mandela to order

Zindzi MandelaSouth Africa’s ambassador to Denmark Zindzi Mandela has been told to start behaving like a diplomat by former Home Affairs minister Naledi Pandor.

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Minister of International Relations & Cooperation Naledi Pandor has warned Zindzi Mandela about her conduct on social media following the ambassador to Denmark’s outburst on Twitter.

Acting like a diplomat

Pandor, the former Minister of Home Affairs, revealed in an interview with Radio 702 that she had contacted Mandela to talk to her about her responsibilities as a representative of the country.

“I’ve spoken to Ambassador Mandela. She confirmed that those tweets were hers. She reported to me that she’d had weeks of what she termed ‘extreme provocation’ and degradation through various comments about her parents.”

“I informed her that she is a diplomat and I expect diplomatic conduct from her and that she should adhere to the social policy guiding how public servants should utilise social media.”

The pair came to an understanding that, regardless of personal views ambassadors have a duty to represent the entire country.

“So, we agreed that she must really constrain herself and focus on stating government policy because she, as our representative, should be advancing the policy goals of South Africa.”

“We are committed to addressing equality of access to land. So on the matter of land ownership changing, you can’t argue against that. However, once you begin as an ambassador to be personal, and to refer to individuals in a way that could be construed as personal, you then cross the border.”

“Therefore I said to her she must ensure that she recalls at all times that she’s a representative of the president and of South Africa in Denmark and must conduct herself in terms of that.”

Zindzi Mandela Twitter storm

The daughter of former President Nelson Mandela made headlines earlier in the week when she took to Twitter to air her views on South Africa.

The comments were seen as racially divisive by several opposition parties and some sections of the South African public, while others praised her bravery in speaking up.

The Democratic Alliance called for her immediate recall from Denmark, while the Economic Freedom Fighters supported her.

The Freedom Front Plus is reportedly considering contacting the Danish government directly to have her expelled from the country.

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