N3 crash: Investigators suspect truck caused horror smash, as death toll rises

N3 crash death toll causeAmid the incomprehensible devastation, investigators may have found the cause of the N3 crash. Sadly, another victim has died as a result of her injuries.

n3 crash investigators suspect truck caused horror smash as death toll rises 1024x768 - N3 crash: Investigators suspect truck caused horror smash, as death toll rises

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Gauteng locals are reeling from the devastating N3 crash which claimed ten lives just outside of Vosloorus on Monday afternoon. Another 25 people have been injured in the carnage, where at least eight separate vehicles crashed into each other before some burnt out.

N3 crash latest news: Death toll up to 10

Sadly, one of the victims who was transported to hospital passed away overnight. The death toll stood at nine on Monday, before being rounded up to 10 on Tuesday. The woman who succumbed to her injuries has not been named, but she was severely affected by blunt force trauma to her head and abdominal regions.

The heartbreaking scene unfolded on the Barry Marais off-ramp. The road was closed for the entirety of Monday as emergency responders made way for police investigators. According to EWN, the crew trying to piece together what caused this major incident believe they now have a lead.

Suspected cause identified

Simon Zwane is the spokesperson for The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC). He revealed that preliminary investigations are suggesting a truck involved in the wreckage came to a sudden halt. From there, other vehicles slammed into the back of each other at high speed:

“Investigations continue but it looks like a freight truck suddenly stopped in the middle of the road, resulting in a multiple-car collision. Investigators have been on the scene trying to piece together all the pieces.”

Simon Zwane

Grim details of N3 crash emerge

Meanwhile, Arrive Alive have released the harrowing details of what first-responders saw at the scene of the accident. They revealed that bodies had been ejected from cars, such was the force of the multiple impacts:

“When paramedics arrived on scene they found patients lying all over the road. Paramedics assessed the scene and found that nine people had sustained fatal injuries and at least another twenty-five patients sustained injuries ranging from minor to critical.”

“All patients were treated on the scene by advanced life support personnel and once stabilised were transported by various ambulance services to hospital for further treatment.”

Seriously-injured patients were taken to the nearby Thelle Mogoerane Hospital for further treatment. Two of them remain in a critical condition, as doctors and medical professionals fight tooth and nail to prevent the total number of deaths from the tragic N3 crash rising any higher.

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