Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

N12 update: 19 and 23-year-olds murdered after bakkie runs out of diesel

N12 BenoniTwo young adults were subjected to a nightmare ordeal on Sunday, after their vehicle ran out of fuel and left them stranded on the N12 in Benoni.

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Two people were shot dead in Benoni on Sunday, after the bakkie they were travelling in ran out of fuel. The vehicle pulled up to the side of the N12, before an alleged “gang of males” attacked the four people who were all travelling together. Two escaped, but the other pair would not be so fortunate.

N12 murder: Young male and female killed in bakkie

The tragic incident, which took place on Putfontein Road, saw the 19-year-old man suffer multiple gunshot wounds. His body was found outside of the car. It’s not yet been established if he tried to fight off the gang.

Meanwhile, a woman aged 23 also succumbed to her injuries, after she was taken out by a single shot. The other two travellers had fled to the other side of the road and returned when emergency services arrived. ER24 were the first responders on the scene, and gave us this update on Sunday:

“ER24 paramedics and another service were on the scene at 12:30. The female was found inside the cab with a single gunshot wound. The young male was found outside the vehicle having suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Both showed no signs of life and were declared dead on arrival.”

“Two workers who were travelling with them fled the scene but returned once Emergency Services arrived. They alleged that a group of men had approached them after they had stopped on the side of Putfontein Road – where the bridge crosses over the N12.”


Horror on Putfontein Road, Benoni

Unconfirmed reports suggest there was an attempt to burn the bakkie as well, but this was not registered by ER24. The matter is now subject to an investigation from local branches of SAPS.

It’s a case that is likely to generate a lot of anger, given the helplessness of the victims. The crime was a textbook example of opportunism, and the police will now be under pressure to execute justice for the slain pair.

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