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Move One Million: From Cape Town to Trafalgar Square [photos]

The Move One Million mass protest action took place across South Africa on Saturday 5 September 2020; several smaller groups also gathered in other parts of the world.

move one million from cape town to trafalgar square photos 1024x576 - Move One Million: From Cape Town to Trafalgar Square [photos]

Move One Million organisers said on Friday that South Africans will be taking to the street “to take a stand against corruption” and that “the time is now for us to unite and show solidarity against a bent and corrupt system”.

“We are now left with only two options – either we run and cower, or make a stand, together, as sons and daughters of South Africa”.

The Move One Million initiative is part of the I’m Staying movement, and currently has a following of approximately 500 000 followers on Facebook. There are also groups in UK, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere.

The Cape Town march kicked off at 10:00, while other groups already took to the streets at 8:00. Move One Million organisers cautioned demonstrators against protesting near Parliament and asked that groups gather at the Grand Parade instead.

Watch: Video clips from the Move One Million march

While some choose to protest against “farm murders”, others took to the streets seeking justice for victims of abuse and gender-based violence. This follows after Emaan Solomons’ murder case was postponed again.

The accused, Eban Basson and Chivargo Fredericks, fatally shot the seven-year-old in February 2020. It is believed that a drug turf war may have been the cause for the shootout that claimed Solomons’ life.

Solomons was playing with two friends outside her home when Basson and Fredericks opened fire. She was struck in the chest and passed away later that evening.

“She was transported to False Bay hospital by an ambulance. It emerged shortly thereafter that she died on arrival in hospital. Meanwhile, a crowd that had gathered on the scene started attacking police.”

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Image via Twitter: Waseema Canfield

Some of the placards spotted at today’s protest proclaimed: #OneLove, #OneHeart, “We Deserve Better”, and “We will not be silenced, it’s time to rise; our children need a future”.

Move One Million also saw participation from organisations and networks such as SA Women Fight Back.

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