Mbalula wants traffic officers policing around the clock

Traffic officersAddressing traffic officers in Polokwane, Mbalula revealed his intention to have policing on South African roads 24-hours a day.

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Transport minister Fikile Mbalula announced plans to increase the number of traffic officers on roads in Polokwane in the hopes of drastically reducing the number of traffic-related deaths experienced in the province.

More traffic officers

Mbalula was addressing traffic police in the province following a long weekend of chaos on the roads. Ultimately 45 people died in Polokwane alone.

The transport minister is clearly ready to take a hard line on traffic offenders and revealed plans to ensure there is a presence of traffic officers on the road 24-hours a day.

“There are more than 200 traffic officers who will be added in the system in the next financial year. We want officers on the ground for 24 hours,” he told the gathered traffic officials, according to The Sowetan.

He says many incidents happen late at night when people believe there will be no traffic officers on the road. Including the one between a bus and a minibus that killed 24 people on Sunday in Polokwane.

“People drive recklessly because they know there are no officers after 22:00.”

“Look at the accident which happened on the R81, it happened after 22:00 and young lives were lost. Traffic officers must be on the ground, don’t hide yourselves.”

Take responsibility

He ended off by urging citizens to take responsibility for their own actions on the road and promised harsh punishment for anyone found to be flouting the law.

“We must start with us taking responsibility for our deeds on the roads. If you allow yourself to be driven by a drunk driver and reckless driver, you must know that the consequences are dire because you are in consent of that reckless behaviour,” he said.

“We know it’s good to have fun… you don’t have to drown yourselves in alcohol. You must respect the rules of our roads.

“Traffic officers should arrest anyone who disrespects the rules.”

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