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Mangosuthu Buthelezi doubles back on retirement plans

mangosuthu butheleziShenge is not going anywhere.

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It appears that IFP leader, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, will not be retiring after all.

As reported by IOL News, the 90-year-old revealed that he has changed his mind about stepping down from the helm.

What drove Mangosuthu Buthelezi to announce his retirement?

It was only days after the passing of his wife, Princess Irene Buthelezi when Shenge revealed that he would be walking away from politics after 45 years.

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Shenge founded the party that would become the African National Congress’ (ANC) chief opposition in Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN), in 1975. He has been the only leader the IFP has ever known.

Since the party went through a break up with most of its officials eight years ago — those of whom founded the National Freedom Party (NFP) — support has waned considerably.

Shenge makes u-turn on retirement

The IFP leader was celebrated by his supporters when he made an appearance at the Buthelezi Tribal Court, near his homestead in Nkonjeni Village, to cast his vote.

He described his first appearance on Election Day without his beloved wife at his side as a sombre affair.

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When probed about his future in politics, he surprisingly told reporters to not rule out his return to Parliament, a stark contrast to the statement he had made in March.

“As long as I am still alive I will not leave my party I will assist the leadership that will be elected. I cannot allow something I formed to collapse,” he asserted.

The IFP leader also revealed that he has tried to recruit a successor for a long time. However, certain dark forces have compelled him to protect the integrity he has honed since 1975.

“But because other people bribed our national chairman kaMagwaza-Msibi and she broke away. When my party was in dire strain I could not leave my house burning and run away like a coward,” he said.

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