Sun. May 31st, 2020

Lockdown SA: Fury as streets in Alexandra filled with people

This isn’t what lockdown is supposed to look like. Citizens of Alexandra, Gauteng have been out and about in their droves on Friday morning.

lockdown sa fury as streets in alexandra filled with people - Lockdown SA: Fury as streets in Alexandra filled with people

The new normal hasn’t quite gotten started in Alexandra. The sprawling region of Gauteng wouldn’t look out of place during a busy day at the races, as plenty of citizens took to the streets on Friday morning. A nationwide lockdown is currently in place, and all citizens of the republic have been asked to stay at home.

Latest from Alexandra

The message doesn’t seem to have been received properly in Alexandra, however. People have been queuing up at shops and ignoring the general advice on social distancing. Some have made non-essential travel, as local businesses attempt to operate – despite the threat of being shutdown by the police and SANDF.

Official government guidelines state that the only reason any of us should have for leaving the house is to pick up food supplies, put petrol in the car, or attend to a medical emergency. Luxuries such as jogging and dog-walking have been strictly forbidden, and you can no longer purchase alcohol or cigarettes.

How long will lockdown last?

These restrictions will be lifted once the period of lockdown has been completed. It’s believed that Thursday 16 April will be the last day of these measures, but there’s a small chance that could change in due course.

The people of Alexandra aren’t the only ones bending the rules: We saw a number of taxis in Gauteng break social distancing protocol by cramming their vehicles to full capacity on Friday morning. Elsewhere, 17 motorists have been arrested in the Western Cape for making unnecessary journeys.

Look: Alexandra continues “as normal” during lockdown

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