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Leaving Neverland: Doubt cast on doccie, holes poked in accuser story

michael jackson leaving neverlandDoubt has been cast on the documentary that sought to expose Michael Jackson as a child molester

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Dan Reed is the director of Leaving Neverland, an HBO documentary that explores the testimonies of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who have both claimed that Michael Jackson molested them when they were minors.

The basis of this exposè is founded on the accounts of Robson and Safechuck, who have vehemently asserted that Jackson was sexually attracted to children.

Leaving Neverland: Who are the accusers?

Robson, according to The Sun, claimed in the documentary that Jackson had molested him in the five days his family had left for a visit to the Grand Canyon.

Safechuck was allegedly sexually abused by the iconic singer, an ordeal that supposedly went on for four years (1988 – 1992).

Safechuck’s account of the alleged sexual abuse

According to Safechuck, Jackson would lure him into a makeshift train station in Neverland and molest him.

This account was recorded by Safechuck in interviews and official statements numerous times, and he had been adamant on the fact that the abuse had stopped in 1992 when he turned 14.

The holes in Safechuck’s story

However, research that was done by Jackson’s biographer, Mike Smallcombe, revealed that this alleged abuse could not have occurred in the place Safechuck said it did. Neither could it have occurred in the period he claimed it did.

The biographer took to Twitter to reveal that he had obtained copies of the makeshift station’s construction permit documents from the Santa Barbara County. These permit documents were stamped 2 September 1993.

As it turns out, a year after Safechuck’s alleged sexual abuse ended, the actual room he claims the molestation took place in, had not even been constructed yet.

This revelation puts Safechuck’s testimony in a new light. Reed could not refute this either. The director conceded to the fact that there were issues with the timeline, but he could not dismiss the fact that Safechuck was, in fact, molested by Jackson.

This reasoning was not accepted by Smallcombe.

Since the conclusion of the documentary, the Jackson family has been hard at work, producing irrefutable evidence that points to the contrary of every accusation that has been leveled against the iconic singer by Wade and Safechuck.

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