Leaked Sony patent could be the PlayStation 5

Is this the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5? If it is, then then PS5 will truly take gaming to the next level.

leaked sony patent could be the playstation 5 1024x626 - Leaked Sony patent could be the PlayStation 5

Earlier this month, a leaked email surfaced online, indicating that the Sony PS5 could be released, or unveiled, by February 2020.

While that is exciting enough, Sony patented a sleek new unnamed device. And even though Sony is reluctant to share information about the upcoming console, industry experts believe this could be what the PS5 will look like.

Patented in Brazil

The patent was registered through the Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (INPI) in Brazil back in May. It was added to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) database earlier this month.

The description merely states that it is a ‘configuration applied to / in electronic advice’, and is categorised as a Class 14.02 with ‘data processing equipment and peripheral equipmant

The original documentaiton can be viewed here. We provide regular PS5 updates, as new information becomes available. Read more about the PS5 here.

What can we expect from the PS5

This device, if it is the PS5, will have several air ventilation holes in the housing; flanked by a V, which many believe is a representation of the Roman numerical V, or 5.

It’s not clear from the patent if this device will be disc-compatible; though Let’s Go Digital pointed out that a disc slot could be hidden in a narrow ridge.

It is also possible that Sony is developing a cloud-based console. Several buttons and ports are visible along the front panel of the device, as well as five round buttons on an elongated narrow slot underneath the device.

f415d0a1 sony ps5 development kit - Leaked Sony patent could be the PlayStation 5

Note: The depictions of the PS5 used in this article was created by Let’s Go Digital.

The design is not final, but based on what we know so far, the patent description fits the console. Sony promises next-level performance via an 8-core AMD chipset based on Ryzen architechture.

Backwards compatible and fast load times

In addtion, the device could also be backward compatible, and a custom SSD will reduce load times significantly.

Speaking to investors at the Investor Relations Day 2019, Sony CEO Jim Ryan said PlayStation “has never been in better shape.” He added:

“We will harness the power of new technology to offer completely transformative and immersive gaming experiences. We will leverage Backwards Compatibility to transition our community to Next Gen faster and more seamlessly than ever before.”

Furthermore, the PS5 will support 8k graphics and will be compatible with the current version of PlayStation VR. When it comes to memory, the PS5 will allow games and processes to run 19 times faster.

The designer is listed as Yusuhiro Ootori; a renowed Sony engineer, who made headlines six years ago for deconstructing a PlayStation 4.

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