Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

Law of attraction: Alph Lukau’s resurrection man dies in Zimbabwe

Prophet Alph LukauIn life, you get what you give. That is the law of attraction.

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prophet 1200x896 - Law of attraction: Alph Lukau’s resurrection man dies in Zimbabwe

The man that starred in self-proclaimed prophet Alph Lukau’s “resurrection man” stunt, Brighton “Elliot” Moyo, succumbed to pneumonia — while on the run in Zimbabwe — recently.

As reported by Dispatch Live, Moyo was evading South African authorities, as he was a person of interest in the botched resurrection stunt that was curated by his leader, Lukau.

Further revelations made about Alph Lukau’s resurrection man

It was discovered, through an intensive research project that was launched by Times Live, that Moyo’s actual name was Thabiso Mlanje, a 28-year-old from Lupane, a village located 150km south from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

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Emily, the 28-year-old’s grandmother, told the publication that Moyo had left for South Africa eight years ago.

“He went to South Africa in 2011 to look for a job. He married a girl from a nearby village. When they had children, they sent them back home and we never knew what he was up to … what we are being told now,” she said.

Lengthy history of healthcare problems

Further revelations from his family suggested that Moyo had troubles with his health for years.

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His grandmother further revealed that Moyo was targeted by Lukau’s recruiters as the perfect candidate after he was discovered in a Johannesburg hospital.

“Now when I look at it, the time he was said to have been resurrected is the time he had been in hospital in Johannesburg. I think he was a perfect candidate because he had shed a lot of weight,” she added.

His brother, Stanley Mlanje, also revealed that Moyo’s constant run-ins with the police, while admitted in hospital, was a huge contribution to what led to his passing.

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“He always ran away from hospital when he heard there were police around. It was in connection with the ‘miracles’.

“We decided not to ask him about it because we wanted him to fully recover. I guess the truth has gone with him,” the brother said.

What started out as a staged act to fool the masses into thinking that he had been resurrected from the death, similar to how Jesus Christ was, Moyo ended up in a coffin which, this time around, was not accompanied by a circus.

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