Larry Nhlane ‘cancelled’ after abuse allegations surface

larry nhlane microwave boys larryngitisNhlane’s partner published an exposè on the celebrity’s dealings behind the limelight.

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The world has come crumbling down for Larry Nhlane, otherwise known as ‘Larryngitis’, one-third of the popular YouTubers, Microwave Boys, and a host at Taboo Group South Africa (TGSA).

Why is ‘cancel culture’ coming after Larry Nhlane?

On Tuesday, social media was rocked by a thread that was posted by Twitter user, @Noxieh_Cole, a former partner of Nhlane and the mother of their child.

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In it, Noxieh detailed the years of trauma and abuse that she allegedly suffered in her relationship with the celebrity. She recalled times when they would allegedly argue about his infidelity. At some point, Noxieh recalled, things allegedly escalated beyond a verbal scuffle.

She was pregnant at the time and during an argument, Nhlane allegedly beat her to the ground and kicked her continuously, allegedly disregarding the fact that the unborn child’s life may have been in danger.

Noxieh noted in her thread that she found the option of exposing the public figure on Twitter as a last resort to getting him to account for his absence in his child’s life.

Reactions to Nhlane’s abuse allegations

Sipho Muchindu leaves Microwave Boys

Since the thread was posted, thousands of fans have called on Nhlane to be cancelled by the South African entertainment industry. The first reaction came from the celebrity’s co-host, Sipho Muchindu. His response to the whole saga was to announce his departure from the popular YouTube show.

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Taboo suspends Nhlane

This followed with TSGA releasing a statement, announcing that it has launched an internal investigation into claims of abuse levelled against Nhlane.

The celebrity has since been suspended from the nightclub, pending the outcome of the investigation.

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