Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

KZN traffic: Road closures in Marburg, Murchison due to protests [video]

taxi accident new doornfonteinThe protesters want the D1014 road fixed immediately.

kzn traffic road closures in marburg murchison due to protests video 1024x732 - KZN traffic: Road closures in Marburg, Murchison due to protests [video]

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The Boboyi protest action is on its third day and things have not de-escalated. This has affected KZN traffic and on Thursday, road closures instituted between Marburg and Murchison.

As reported by the Herald, the community has been up in arms, demanding the presence of the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality, Cynthia Mqwebu, to address their frustrations with the D1014 road.

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Why are Boboyi residents protesting?

According to police spokesperson, Captain Petros Mpinge revealed that the protesters want sureties made about the road that was partially destroyed by the torrential rains that recently hit the province in April.

Since Wednesday, traffic has been diverted towards Port Edwards. The situation is no different, a day later.

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KZN traffic: Marburg and Murchison route affected

The main route that connects Marburg and Murchison has been closed after hundreds of protesters clashed with police.

The roads have been blockaded with burning tyres and rubble. It seems at this point, police officials are unable to clear the road due to the active movement and resilience of the protesters.

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In an attempt to calm the brewing storm, the provincial department of transport made an effort to address the disgruntled Boboyi residents on Wednesday evening.

However, the entire engagement was disrupted by a group of protesters who pelted the officials with stones.

Since then, the municipality has made no mention of their intention to visit the town.

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