Kwaito legend: Arthur Mafokate’s postponed trial hearing

Assault case judgement is still pending for kwaito star.

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The South African kwaito veteran Arthur Mofolate is set to appear in court for a hearing on 13 August 2019.

The hearing, which was previously postponed was to allow the defence some time to prepare for the trial that will commence on August 27.

What are the charges against Mafokate?

The charges date back to 2017, during a domestic dispute with ex-girlfriend Busisiwe ‘Cici’ Twala. The Kwaito King was accused of assaulting Cici, she had laid charges of assault citing the intent was to cause grievous bodily harm.

In 2018, Mafokate laid counter charges against Cici, also accusing her of assault. Cici was later found not guilty, as the magistrate stated that the case against her was “vague” and did not thoroughly explain or mention the assault.

Booked and busy

Cici is currently continuing with her music career and released a song Uhlalu’kwenza, which further touches on the topic of abuse. On Women’s Day, Cici was a keynote speaker at an event and had the theme of “turning power into superpower”

Daddy – daughter times

In the meantime, Mofakate celebrated a heart-felt daddy moment as he sent his daughter Owam Mofakate to a matric dance.

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SABC 1’s Selimathunzi covered the behind the scenes of this special day to the Mafokate’s. Due to popular demand, the show’s presenters now attend local functions including matric dances across the country.

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Arthur Mafokate sends daughter off to matric dance. Photo:

“Thanks Selimathunzi for making sure I don’t do a reality show. It was great spending a day with you, can’t wait for the screening of such a beautiful, tiring day with all the families that came around for this big day with my daughter.”

Arthur Mafokate

Arthur still needs to be exonerated from R6 million theft claims

In May, Arthur was accused of misappropriating up to R 6 million in money allocated for the National Lottery Commission. It is said that Mafokate allegedly bought a guest-house in Johannesburg, and further misused funds to fund his lifestyle.

Mafokate’s former manager Brian Mokoena penned an affidavit and divulged on all his grievances. Moekena also sent a copy of his affidavit to the department of trade & industry and the National Lottery Commission for investigation.

“Arthur Mafokate transferred the money into one of his business accounts and in the process, cooked the NPO books with the help of accountant [name withheld]. This money was eventually used to buy a guesthouse, La Villa Rosa for one of Arthur’s companies.”

Brian Mokoena, Affidavit

Mafokate had denied claims that he stole the alleged R 6 million to fund his own endeavours.

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