Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Khayelitsha protests: Residents demand City of Cape Town to open the taps

khayelitsha protestsThe protesters want to be addressed by the City of Cape Town.

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Residents took the Khayelitsha protests to the City of Cape Town’s administrative offices in the township, calling for officials to address them about the current water crisis many homes are facing.

As reported by EWN, scores of residents were allegedly turned away by the City’s officials, on Thursday, after trying to resolve issues with their unpaid water tariffs.

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What sparked the Khayelitsha protests?

Since many of the residents had failed to make payment, the City allegedly enforced water cuts on defaulted households in Khayelitsha.

However, according to one of the residents, what angered the community was the treatment they received at the municipal offices.

The protesters alleged that 30 minutes after they had gathered inside the offices to negotiate with the City about the water tariffs, they were told to leave and to return on Tuesday, as the offices were apparently closing for the day.

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“We feel very bad. We were told to be here on Tuesday, it’s unfair that they have not opened water for those people who have no access to water,” one protester said.

Police warn protesters against unlawful behaviour

Protesters blocked roads in the township with rocks, burnt tyres and rubble.

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Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana called on the community to practice their democratic right to picket within the prescripts of the law.

“Khayelitsha protestors are burning tyres in the Harare and Lingelethu policing precincts, several roads are closed (Corner of Mew way and Spine road, Corner of JK Masemola and Spine road). SAPS members in the policing precinct are monitoring the situation. No arrests made so far.

“We appeal to those who are participating in the protest to act within the ambit of the law. Lawless will not be tolerated.,” she said.

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