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Julius Malema warns South Africa of the next ‘State Capture’ phase

Julius Malema South Africa CaptureThe EFF leader says that the country’s independent institutions are under severe political pressure.

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Addressing Bloemfontein supporters, following his court case’s
postponement, Julius Malema warned South Africa of the insidious progression of
State Capture.

Malema, who appeared before the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court on Friday morning, charged with contravening the Riotous Assemblies Act, emanating from his call for illegal land occupations in 2014, remained defiant in the face of fierce legal contestation.

Court case postponed, Malema unapologetic

The EFF’s Commander in Chief spent less than an hour before the magistrate, before his legal team’s request for postponement – citing the ongoing Pretoria High Court challenge of the Act – was granted.

Malema is due back in the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court on
8 November. He is also due to appear before the Newcastle Magistrate on 8 July,
again, on charges relating to his call for land grabs.

While his in-court appearance on Friday was uneventful,
Malema’s fiery address outside the courthouse was packed with provocative rhetoric
and stern warnings for the people of South Africa. Malema reaffirmed his
position on the land question, refusing to apologise for his endorsement of
illegal occupations, telling supporters:

“They have charged us for saying the land must be restored to its rightful owners.

Justice must be served, and justice is the return of the land. There is no justice without the return of the land.

It does not matter whether that land was bought or not, if you bought it, you too bought stolen land & anytime rightful owners will arrive to claim theirs.”

Julius Malema warns South Africa of judicial capture

Malema then went onto blast President Cyril Ramaphosa’s
administration and the alleged failings of the judicial system. The latter was
especially picked apart by the firebrand, who, in light of his recent court
losses, said:

“We don’t retreat because we lose cases. No, we don’t retreat, it’s not about money, it’s about the fight against status-quo.”

The status-quo, according to Malema, is the union of ‘White
Monopoly Capital’ and president Ramaphosa’s political cabal – exemplified by the
power and influence of Public Enterprises Minister, Pravin Gordhan, a marked ‘enemy’
of the EFF.

Malema explained that the fight against the Public Protector – who has recently fingered both Gordhan and Ramaphosa in wrongdoing – was a clear sign that the judiciary is being undermined and ‘captured’. Malema said:

“South Africa be warned, something wrong is happening with the judiciary. The judiciary is about to be captured.

Pravin Gordhan met with a judge ahead of appearing at the Nugent commission. Yet the judge did not declare that until it was revealed. Had it not been reported, to this day we would have never known that politicians are meeting judges. South Africa, be warned!”

Malema ended his address by lambasting the president’s State
of the Nation Address (SONA) whicb was delivered to at delivered on Thursday
night. The EFF leader described the address, which is meant to instil hope in
the people of South Africa through practical reforms, as nothing more than a ‘daydream’.
Malema added:

“Someone tell Ramaphosa to wake us, it is now morning. Smell the coffee Mr. President, it’s not time to dream.”

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