Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

Julius Malema urges “blood-thirsty police officers” to shoot Ace Magashule

EFF Julius Malema ace magashuleThe discourse turned a little sour during the EFF rally in Soweto on Sunday, as Julius Malema openly suggested police should “turn their guns” on Parliament.

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By Julius Malema’s own exceptionally-high standards, things went from 0 – 100km/h in an instant, during his address at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto on Sunday. After staying on-script and reiterating the EFF’s party policy, Juju then took a sharp swerve into bellicose rhetoric, urging the police to “shoot” Ace Magashule and several other politicians.

Interestingly enough, the EFF’s official Twitter feed has omitted the line which calls for the indiscriminate shooting of members belonging to another political party…

Julius Malema asks police to “shoot Ace Magashule”

Malema, whose address was packed full of emotion after the loss of his grandmother on Saturday, issued the eye-opening threat when describing the state of South Africa’s police officers. He lamented those who have opened fire on protesters, calling them “blood-thirsty”. Juju soon had a suggestion for where they should direct those bullets:

“Go and shoot the real criminals. Not us, the people who are demanding justice. We don’t want blood-thirsty police, if you want to shoot, go to Luthuli House and shoot Ace Magashule. If you want to shoot, go to Parliament and shoot the house which is full of criminals.”

“Police officers, it is like you do not know where the thugs are, come to me I have a list. They are in Luthuli House and in the Union Buildings. Go and arrest the bastards! Zuma is number one, then you must arrest Ramaphosa for Marikana – he should be in Sun City prison!”

Julius Malema

EFF Tshela Thupa Rally

His fierce utterance came just 20 minutes after he praised his supporters for not sparking any violence on the campaign trail. A few chair-fights aside, the EFF have been keen to clean-up their image heading into the 2019 Elections. However, Malema’s demand for police to “randomly” open fire on ANC minister is contradictory to this.

Julius Malema may have talked himself into trouble

It’s not exactly out-of-the-blue for Julius Malema to say something with such a heavy shock-value: But he can expect a large-scale backlash for this particular utterance. His argument will no doubt centre on the fact he was speaking in a metaphorical context, but given the subject matter, this probably won’t be the last we hear of this.

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