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Julius Malema says Zim’s white farmers “do not deserve” compensation

Julius Malema Zimbabwe white farmersJulius Malema has voiced his opinions on matters across the border. The EFF leader says that giving Zimbabwe’s white farmers compensation is “unacceptable”.

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Julius Malema 4 1200x895 - Julius Malema says Zim’s white farmers “do not deserve” compensation

The EFF held another lively press conference in Braamfontein on Wednesday, as the red berets tackled topical issues and addressed questions regarding the 2019 Elections. However, Julius Malema had one eye on international affairs and weighed into the current situation involving Zimbabwe and its white farmers.

The Emmerson Mnangagwa Administration confirmed that they would financially compensate the landowners who were violently forced out of the homes during the disastrous land reform programme of 2000. It has taken 19 years, but the government have finally agreed to a $17 million settlement.

Julius Malema on Zimbabwe’s white farmers

The news has been seen as a largely positive development, but that wasn’t how Julius Malema interpreted it. He used the media briefing to talk about ZImbabwe’s decision, claiming that it makes President Mnangagwa “look worse” than his predecessor Robert Mugabe.

The crux of the issue for Juju is that expropriation should never involve compensation. He explained that this was not a “black or white” issue, but the term “white farmers” is always used as “they are the ones with the land”:

“It’s a sell-out position. The people of Zimbabwe will turn. Their white farmers do no deserve compensation. Mnangagwa is a sell-out. He was meant to breathe fresh air into Zimbabwe, but he is worse than what we’ve experienced before.”

“That country is swimming in a pool of poverty and anyone compensated for stolen land is a sell-out. Mnangagwa is reversing the gains of the revolution and is proving to be worse [than Robert Mugabe].”

Julius Malema

Land expropriation in South Africa

Of course, the news comes as South Africa heads into an election that cannot escape the land discussion. The EFF has made it the main focus of their campaign, leading with the slogan “our land and our jobs now”.

Malema says he has little faith in Cyril Ramaphosa when it comes to delivering a competent land redistribution plan. In fact, he even suggested that the president would not be ruling the country by the end of 2020. Is this another one of the party’s famous “pronouncements”?

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