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Julius Malema claims he won’t be with the EFF “for the rest of his life”

Julius Malema EFFAn EFF future without Julius Malema? The CIC has spoke about his aspirations for the future, and has one eye on a life completely devoid of politics.

julius malema claims he wont be with the eff for the rest of his life 1024x733 - Julius Malema claims he won’t be with the EFF “for the rest of his life”

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EFF Leader Julius Malema made an engaging appearance on Kaya FM this Thursday afternoon as his long-term political future was pulled into sharp focus. He was grilled for the best part of an hour on the radio show, where he launched a fierce defence of his personal life and even teased the audience with his post-EFF plans.

As ever, Malema was on the warpath – he never really strays from it, to be honest. He lambasted reports that he had joined an exclusive Sandton country club, but did accept that his wife was part of the luxury resort to use their gym facilities – Juju said his details also had to be shared as part of her registration.

A borderless Africa?

But, with just six days until a general election, Malema got back onto all matters political. He maintained that Africa could only prosper as a continent if the borders were removed, and all people – from Cairo to Cape Town – united under the same flag, currency and values.

Julius Malema and the ANC

However, Julius Malema isn’t just looking ahead to the near-future: His long-term plans became the subject of debate, and he conceded that he has been considering a life away from the EFF. So, could this pave the way for a return to the ANC? Don’t bet on it…

“I come into contact with ANC leadership but none have mentioned to me that I should return, I think they utter these statements in public to mislead our voters. I have left the ANC and I have made progress where I am, and there is no need for me to go back.”

Julius Malema

Could Julius Malema leave politics one day?

The CIC admitted that the crop of “young leaders” within the EFF gave him hope for the future and that he could one day acquiesce his role as top dog for one of the upcoming stars of the party. He stopped short on planning his retirement, but a life “without anything political” looks like it would appeal to an older Malema:

“I am not going to leave the EFF through a coffin, we have young charismatic leaders who are capable of holding this position. I also want to live life, I hope I will have a moment one day, to just live life without engaging in anything political.”

Julius Malema

Depending on your political allegiance, that quote is either a dream or a nightmare. One thing’s for sure, however: He won’t be heading for the retirement home just yet, and he’s got plenty of unfinished business as leader of the EFF.

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