Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Julius Malema and Fikile Mbalula trade blows on Twitter

Malema and Mbalula TwitterFighting out of the red corner…

julius malema and fikile mbalula trade blows on twitter 1024x753 - Julius Malema and Fikile Mbalula trade blows on Twitter

Capture1 1200x882 - Julius Malema and Fikile Mbalula trade blows on Twitter

It’s the battle of the political provocateurs; in the red
corner is Julius Malema and in the green corner is Fikile Mbalula.

In today’s edition of post-election pettiness; the Commander
in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the African National
Congress’ (ANC) head of elections traded some light-hearted jabs on social
media. Malema, who has been unusually quiet, landed the first blow against
Mbalula, who, let us not forget, was once ordained as the ‘Minister of Twitter’.

Malema hits a nerve with ‘North West premier’ quip

While relatively innocuous, the exchange, in light of recent
political events, clearly hit a nerve – particularly with Mbalula.

Following a special ANC National Executive meeting (NEC) on Monday, the ruling party released an incomplete provincial premier list. In addition to a particularly dismal electoral outing, the ANC has been gripped by disunity and an overbearing sense of confusion – exemplified by troubles in the North West province. Who can forget former premier and all-star trouble starter, Supra Mahumapelo?

This dubious exclusion forms the backdrop for the comical exchange.
The ANC promised to announce its premier for the North West in due course, but
Malema, being the venerable rabble-rouser, jumped the gun on Tuesday morning
and, in doing so, got tongues wagging.

It started innocently enough – Mbalula took to twitter to
greet South Africans:

“Good morning South Africa.”

Malema, who clearly knows something we don’t, replied,
personally, to Mbalula:

“How are you NW premier candidate?”

Mbalula worried about Malema ‘leaking nudes’

That question, in light of the ANC’s recent omissions, set
off a chain reaction of pseudo-political showboating. Mbalula, not willing to
be outdone on his social media platform of choice, replied:

“The people had missed Radio Juju with news that aren’t news.

Good morning Chief, have some breakfast and leave such speculative questions for Samkele Maseko.”

eNCA reporter, Samkele Maseko, ended up under the bus, too.
His run-ins with ANC leaders are infamous, including a particularly vicious exchange
with Deputy Secretary General, Jessie Duarte.

Malema didn’t reply – his one-lined quip arousing just
enough suspicion and tenderness. Mbalula, however, tried to downplay the
exchange and the accusation by making fun of Malema’s tendency to ‘expose’
journalists and other political figures. Mbalula said:

“Let me keep quiet before he threatens to leak my nudes.”

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