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Johannesburg water shutdown: Contingency measures in place to minimise water cuts

johannesburg water shutdownEnvironment and Infrastructure Services Department on Friday assured residents that during 54-hour Johannesburg water shutdown next week water supplies will be available, but some areas may experience low pressure.

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The City of Johannesburg said Rand Water, which supplies water to Johannesburg, will shut off its water supply from Monday to allow for a valve to be replaced. The maintenance work is expected to last for 54 hours.

Johannesburg water shutdown: Don’t panic

However, the city urged residents not to panic. If the available water is used sparingly there was very little chance that taps would run dry in Johannesburg.

“All reservoirs will be filled by Monday,” assured member of the mayoral committee (MMC) for Environment and Infrastructure Services, Nico de Jager. He was speaking at the Brixton Water Tower.

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MMC De Jager said the residents should not panic over the planned Rand Water maintenance service interruptions. 

“I wish to assure residents that our team has put sufficient measures in place to maker sure Johannesburg residents are least affected of all during this maintenance period,” said De Jager.

He said during the maintenance period, the Rand Water purification plant will still be operational.

It will supply water to all their systems for the duration of the valve installation. This will help to replenish reservoirs.

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MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services, Nico de Jager and COO Dernek Kwale brief the media during a press conference at the Brixton Water Tower, pertaining to the Johannesburg water cuts taking place early next week. Photo: African News Agency (ANA) / Dimpho Maja

Reservoirs filled before Johannesburg water shutdown

“Rand Water will also supply water via the Palmiet and Eikenhof pump stations to Johannesburg water reservoirs. It will ensure that prior to the commencement of the shutdown; all reservoirs supplying the city will be filled to capacity,” said De Jager.

He said Rand Water have the capacity to supply water to Johannesburg for up to two days. He said the city does not anticipate any water supply disruptions during the shutdown on Monday and Tuesday.

“Johannesburg Water is in consultation with Rand Water to ensure that the planned maintenance has minimal impact on our residents,” said De Jager.

Repairs scheduled for the Lethabo to Vereeniging line

Commenting on the matter, Justice Mohale, the Rand Water spokesperson said:

“The shutdown is on the B11 pipeline to install a 2 500 mm butterfly valve from Lethabo to Vereeniging pumping station. This will result in limited water supply to all Rand Water customers”.

Mohale said Rand Water was well ready to conduct valve installation on the main supply pipeline.

“Municipal reservoir systems will be having water; we are purifying at the moment and stocking so that during this period we supply water to people,” assured Mohale.

African News Agency (ANA); Editing by Moses Mudzwiti

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