Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Johannesburg water shutdown: “54-hour disruptions” set for next week

Johannesburg water shutdownProgress isn’t always a straight line: The Johannesburg water shutdown will allow for a vital installation – but it could disrupt residents for days.

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It’s the type of media statement that would make anyone double-take: Johannesburg Water announced on Tuesday that a major shutdown will be taking place next week, in order to install a new valve for the Vereeniging Pumping Station. Sure, the maintenance is something city-dwellers are used to. But the time frame is not…

City of Johannesburg MMC Nico de Jager has revealed that the total operation will take an eyewatering 54 hours – which is two days, and six hours without the water system working at full capacity. But how exactly does the Municipality plan to keep things going? Here’s everything we know about the planned shutdown:

Johannesburg water shutdown: Who will be affected?

Pretty much everyone in Johannesburg, if we’re being honest. It’s a project that impacts all local reservoirs and major towers. According to Rand Water, the following regions will be subject to the shutdown at some point:

  • Emfuleni
  • Johannesburg (City)
  • Mogale
  • Merafong
  • Metsimaholo
  • Rand West Local Municipality
  • Rustenburg

The “54-hour” rule – and disruptions – explained

Although de Jager can’t rule out that some places may go without water, the chances of it happening to residents in the aforementioned regions remain slim. No-one will go a full 2.25 days without running water, either. Locals could experience brief disruptions, though – such as shortages or losses of running water, and low water pressure.

When the Johannesburg Water Shutdown will begin

We are expecting an early morning start on Monday 24 June. The 54-hour shutdown should therefore come to an end on Wednesday 26 June. However, Rand Water have advised that not all maintenance will be completed until a day later, on the Thursday:

How to avoid disruptions

The city has advised all residents to use water sparingly from next Monday. Joburgers are reminded to observe the Level 1 water restrictions which remain in place, and Johannesburg officials are hoping sensible water usage will help all citizens avoid a “no water” situation.

Who do I contact to find out more about the Johannesburg water shutdown?

If you’re still worried about how this situation will affect you, customers are urged to get in touch via the following channels. Alternatively, you can read the full statement shared by Johannesburg Water at the bottom of the page:

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