Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

Jacob Zuma causes controversy after meeting with BLF members

Jacob Zuma BLFWe’re not sure what Jacob Zuma is trying to prove here, but cosying-up to the BLF may not be one of his wisest choices, even in a back-catalogue of howlers.

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Jacob Zuma is no stranger to rocking the boat. His entire political career has been a giant middle-finger to protocol and ceremony. But his meeting with the Black First, Land First party (BLF) has caused a significant stir.

The organisation are somewhat reviled by many citizens of Mzansi, due to their constant use of hate speech and threats made towards both voters and journalists.

In fact, they only just managed to scrape on to the ballot paper for the 2019 Elections after they were hit by a raft of complaints about their divisive campaigns. They are still facing a court challenge from Freedom Front Plus, who have taken offence to their “no whites” membership policy.

Jacob Zuma and the BLF meet

Sadly, Jacob Zuma’s decision to meet with them on Sunday will only serve to legitimise them in some political circles. This latest unholy union of the BLF and the Zumas comes just a few days after the rowdy bunch turned up to the trial of Duduzane in Randburg. He is accused of causing death by dangerous driving, but his cheerleaders were in full-force.

Some members grabbed selfies with Zuma Jnr, whereas others engaged in conversation with uBaba before and after proceedings were in session. This uncomfortable association seems to have only got stronger, though.

Msholozi invited the entire senior delegation of the BLF to his home in KZN. Party leader Andile Mngxitama handed the former president a Zulu shield, which apparently symbolised “defence and fighting the enemy”.

What Msholozi discussed with Mngxitama and co

The group stated on their social media channels that the meeting was productive, and tackled the subject of radical economic transformation. BLF Deputy President Zanele Lwana made it very clear that they are trying to snatch the pro-Zuma vote from the ANC, by bigging up Msholozi as “one of their supporters”:

“Our party calls on all who want radical economic transformation – and love the father of radical economic transformation, President Jacob Zuma – to take BLF to parliament.”

Zanele Lwana

There are less than six weeks between now and the 2019 Elections, and we’re already seeing some eye-catching political activity. As well as Zuma’s so-called “endorsement” of the BLF, we’ve also seen the EFF claim that they have got Nelson Mandela’s daughters on board with their cause. Silly season really is in full swing, here.

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