It’s official: South Africa is ‘the second-worst place to be’ during COVID-19

More lockdown joy: This Bloomberg Index has calculated the worst places to be during the pandemic – and yes, South Africa’s results are eye-opening.

its official south africa is the second worst place to be during covid 19 1024x425 - It’s official: South Africa is ‘the second-worst place to be’ during COVID-19

Where do you even start? From politically connected individuals raiding the state coffers for PPE kick-backs, to ministers removing cooked chickens from the shelves, lockdown in South Africa has been a perplexing ordeal. Many government measures have saved lives – but others have left citizens scratching their heads.

South Africa ‘one of the worst places to be’ during the COVID-19 pandemic

Three alcohol bans, five months of tobacco prohibition, a government-regulated list of what clothes you’re can buy during Level 4 – and even an attempt to ‘have everyone in bed’ by 21:00 on New Year’s Eve. Lockdown has been tough on millions of South Africans: So it may come as no surprise to see where our nation appears on the ‘COVID resilience’ scale.

The Bloomberg-created project assesses 11 variables across two different table contents: COVID Status, and Quality of Life. South Africa doesn’t do too badly in terms of containing the virus – but issues such as ‘lockdown severity’ and ‘GDP growth forecasts’ hold South Africa back significantly. Our current ‘access to vaccines’ is also a debilitating factor.

Who has suffered ‘the worst lockdown’ in the world?

SA’s case and mortality rates remain relatively low, however – and that’s arguably the only thing keeping us off the bottom of this 53-country list. Mexico takes the wooden spoon here, largely thanks to its average number of fatalities and ‘high test positivity’ results. Registering 30.8 on the 100-point scale, the Hispanic Territory is comfortably worse-off than South Africa.

Every cloud, and all that. You can see the visuals of that table here:

70a8b389 worst lockdown sa - It’s official: South Africa is ‘the second-worst place to be’ during COVID-19

The best pandemic responses named

And, if you’re wondering where the best places to be during the pandemic are, we’ve got the results here. You get no prizes for guessing who comes top, by the way.

1 New Zealand 76.8 22 4.5% 83 0.93
2 Singapore 71.3 50 5.5% 92 0.94
3 Australia 70.9 52 3.6% 89 0.94
4 Taiwan 70.1 19 3.7% 79 0.91
5 China 66.3 78 8.3% 70 0.76
6 Norway 64.5 65 3.5% 94 0.96
7 Finland 64.5 52 2.8% 91 0.94
8 Japan 63.6 53 2.6% 96 0.92
9 Hong Kong 63.5 60 4.2% 0.95
10 Vietnam 63 56 7.6% 60 0.7
11 U.A.E. 62.3 45 2.4% 63 0.89
12 South Korea 60.9 64 3.2% 89 0.92
13 Canada 60.9 75 4.4% 90 0.93
14 Thailand 59.4 58 3.9% 72 0.78
15 Israel 56.8 85 4.8% 81 0.92

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