Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

Instant karma: Armed robbers who stole from church busted by SAPS

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Well, not here: These troublemakers got everything they deserved after robbing a church in Kimberley, Northern Cape.

instant karma armed robbers who stole from church busted by saps - Instant karma: Armed robbers who stole from church busted by SAPS

Crossing SAPS is one thing, but trying to get one over on a local church by robbing it blind really does put your karmic balance in the red. Half-a-dozen armed robbers attempted to speed away from the scene of their crime near Kimberley in the Northern Cape, only to be outfoxed by a coordinated police effort.

Armed robbers busted after targeting church

Multiple units worked together on the high-speed chase, before busting the suspects and forcing them out of their getaway vehicles. The thieves were found in possession of firearms, and neither their Mercedes Benz nor Polo Vino could outrun the Kimberly Flying Squad on Tuesday.

SAPS have since issued a statement on the matter, confirming that the group is now in custody at the Jacobsdal Police Station. If he without sin can cast the first stone, then we’re afraid this lot would have to get to the back of the queue:

SAPS statement on Kimberley church robbery

“Six men linked to an attempted armed robbery in Jacobsdal were arrested after a high-speed chase on the N12 South near Kimberley. The Kimberley Flying Squad and supporting units in the Northern Cape reacted swiftly in backing up Jacobsdal Police on the N12 South, as possible armed suspects were pursued in a high-speed chase towards Kimberley.”

“This was subsequent to an attempted armed robbery at a church in Jacobsdal. The suspects were intercepted on the N12 South near Kimberley.  Two getaway vehicles, a white Mercedes Benz, metallic silver-grey Polo Vivo, including a firearm and a tool, suspected to have been used in the commission of an attempted armed robbery, were confiscated.”

“All suspects were handed over to Jacobsdal Police for further investigation. The men were arrested on Tuesday morning, and they are set to be processed by the courts in the Northern Cape.”

SAPS statement on Kimberley armed robbery

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