Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

IEC vows to investigate “double voter fraud” allegations as results roll in

In the wake of serious allegations of so-called double voting, the IEC assured voters that South Africa’s elections will retain its integrity.

iec vows to investigate double voter fraud allegations as results roll in 1024x853 - IEC vows to investigate “double voter fraud” allegations as results roll in

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The Electoral Commission (IEC) assured South African voters on Wednesday that they will guarantee the integrity of the country’s sixth democratic elections.

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At a media briefing, the IEC said that they have been made
aware of allegations of double voting, where voters were apparently able to cast
their ballot at two different stations

“The Commission views these allegations in the most serious light and has launched investigations into these incidents,” the IEC said.

The commission further detailed the list of measures in place to prevent voter fraud.

How the IEC monitors voter fraud

  • The voters’ roll which only allows registered voters to vote – and only allows for a single registration per voter
  • The requirement for voters to produce a valid ID document before they vote
  • The scanning of ID documents prior to voting
  • The marking of a voter’s thumb with ink
  • The completion of a form containing the details of voters and the signing of a sworn declaration by voters where they vote at a voting station at which they are not registered
  • Party agents and observers monitoring all aspects of the voting, counting and results capturing process
  • In-built system-based exception reports for which various tolerance levels have been set

The IEC said:

All of these leave a detailed footprint of voter participation in the process and can be used both separately and in combination to identify instances of electoral fraud.

However, the measures listed by the IEC are all measures
which have allegedly been breached.

IEC vows to investigate allegations of fraud

In a statement, the IEC said:

As part of the process of finalizing the results of the elections, the Commission will assess data from scanners, VEC 4 forms (used when voters vote outside their voting districts) and the voters’ roll to identify potential risks.

Where evidence is found to support electoral fraud, the Electoral Commission will firstly quarantine the results of the affected voting districts and secondly will pursue criminal charges against the perpetrators.

The electoral process also allows for objections to be raised by political parties throughout the process. This includes instances where they believe a voter was ineligible to vote or has voted more than once.

The commission called on anyone – person or political party –
who has any evidence of fraud or “significant irregularity” to report it.

The IEC concluded:

“The Electoral Commission will not allow the potential misconduct of one or two individuals – be they voters or election officials – to taint the overall outcome of these elections.

The integrity of the results is paramount to the credibility of all elections and all election results are only finally captured and displayed in the results system where the Commission is satisfied in the integrity of the results.

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