Iberia Airlines to cancel South Africa-to-Spain route

iberia airlines flights from south africa to spainThe last flight will depart South Africa on 31 August.

iberia airlines to cancel south africa to spain route 1024x683 - Iberia Airlines to cancel South Africa-to-Spain route

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Iberia Airlines has revealed that it will pull its South Africa-to-Spain flights later this year.

As reported by Tourism Update, the Spanish airline cited losses in profit from the route as the chief reason why it was forced to arrive at this decision.

Iberia Airlines pulls out of SA for the second time

This is a sharp turn from the optimism the airline carried with it when it reopened the Madrid-Johannesburg route in August 2016.

Back then — in 2012 — Iberia was forced to suspend this route due to a financial crisis that engulfed the company in immense debt.

Loss of profits was cited as the reason back then. However, four years later, they’d re-entered into business with the South African market, hoping to sustain a profitable relationship with our local market.

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“Now we’ve come back to stay, with a new brand image and new, more fuel-efficient aircraft, equipped with new cabins and much-improved customer service,” was the sentiment in 2016.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Iberia has found itself in the same predicament. The last flight the airline will take on this route will be on 31 August.

Notice for passengers who have booked Iberia flights

Thereafter, travellers with plans of visiting Spain will have to use another airline.

This means that more than likely, it will take longer to get to Spain, since a partner airline like British Airways, for instance, would have to lay-over in the United Kingdom.

Passengers who have already booked tickets for flights departing any day after 1 September have been advised to either request a refund or switch to another airline.

A huge blow for the amigos but everything happens for a reason. The departure of Iberia has opened up a channel for TAP Airlines to mark its return to South Africa for the first time in ten years.

This could see a direct Lisbon-to-Johannesburg route open up in 2019.

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