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Hendrik Verwoerd grandson tipped to get a seat in Parliament

dr wynand boshoff freedom front plus grandson of hendrik verwoerdThe Verwoerd legacy finds its way back to Parliament again.

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Dr Wynand Verwoerd, the grandson of Hendrik Verwoerd, will likely make his debut in Parliament as a representative of the Freedom Front Plus (VF Plus).

VF Plus makes strides in SA Elections 2019

The political party was a dark horse coming into the race at the polls. In the 2014 general elections, the party had only managed to scrape up 0.9% of the national vote, generating a meagre four seats in the National Assembly.

Observers and analysts were left surprised by the strides the party had made in a space of five years, with its national vote growing to a total of 2.38% of the total vote.

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With six additional seats in the National Assembly, it has been allowed more room to bring in more of its key political representatives to Parliament — one of them being Boshoff.

Who is Dr Wynand Boshoff?

Boshoff currently serves the VF Plus as a councillor and the provincial leader of the Northern Cape. He is tipped to have played a key role in establishing growth in voter support in the region, as well as in Gauteng and the Free State.

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He also heads up the party’s research committee and is listed as a member of their federal executive.

Boshoff is the son of Carel Boshoff, the founder of Orania, and Anna Verwoerd — Hendrik’s daughter.

His political career may not be as extensive as his grandfather’s, but his growth within the party is an indication of how much his efforts are appreciated by his leadership.

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He has never shied from the fact that, before anything, he serves the interests of minority groups, including the mixed-race population of South Africa.

When is the first National Assembly sitting?

According to Parliament, both Houses have to be established within 14 days of the declaration of the election results.

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Therefore, Boshoff and other newly-appointed Members of Parliament will gather for the first National Assembly sitting on Wednesday, 22 May.

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