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Helen Zille: DA got baited into race-based politics by opposition

Helen Zille white eff votersZille had quite a lot to get off her chest.

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Stepping down from a position she held for more a decade allowed Helen Zille the freedom to really express herself without political confinement.

In her opinion piece that was published on Rapport, on Sunday, Zille stated that the downfall of the DA — and a big mistake on her part — was to be baited into race-based politics by the ANC and the EFF.

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Helen Zille breaks her silence about the DA’s downfall

The former Premier of the Western Cape has been replaced by a younger and more boisterous Alan Winde.

The DA’s obsession with race-based politics

In her exit, Zille noted that relations between her and the party have been scarred.

While she admitted that, for the most part, her undoing was self-inflicted, she maintained that the party’s poor performance at the recent general elections had little to do with her.

Instead, she wrote that the DA became fascinated with the need to remove the “this is a whites-o\nly party” stigma.

She also admitted that while her controversial and misunderstood tweets about colonialism were one of the party’s motivations for entering into race-based politics, it was still the leadership’s responsibility to place the DA’s vision of inclusivity at the fore.

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The recent ‘black privilege’ tweets

Zille may have stepped down as the Premier but she still has to undergo a disciplinary hearing with the party’s federal executive for the recent outrage her tweets about ‘black privilege’ caused.

Until now, she has refused to admit that making generalisations about black people and their perceived affinity for corruption and cronyism was highly erroneous.

“My most recent tweets were precisely geared at exposing the fallacy of racial generalisations, and the double standards that lie behind the dominant narrative of identity politics (which involves laying sole blame on minorities, for the country’s problems).

“I would have thought that my attack on hypocrisy and double-standards would have dove-tailed comfortably with the DA’s script. Liberalism 101. But I had again committed the ultimate sin of offending our opponents (whom it is our first duty to please),” she exclaimed.

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What’s next for Zille?

Although the party she serves has been trying to — in her own words — publicly execute her, Zille has vowed to assist where she can in promoting the party’s true vision of inclusivity and “seeking to make amends and being true to my belief in an inclusive form of non-racialism”

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