Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

Goodwood: Cops kill one hijacker, shoot another in botched robbery [video]

Goodwood hijackersThere were dramatic scenes on the streets of Goodwood, Cape Town on Thursday evening, as a group of hijackers fought the law, and the law won.

goodwood cops kill one hijacker shoot another in botched robbery video 1024x853 - Goodwood: Cops kill one hijacker, shoot another in botched robbery [video]

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Police in the Goodwood suburb of Cape Town had to act quickly on Thursday evening, as a gang of hijackers pounced on an unsuspecting victim. However, their getaway attempt came to a crashing halt, before an altercation between authorities and the criminals lead to a deadly standoff.

What we know about the Goodwood hijackers

The drama played out like a scene from the Wild West. In an attempt to flee from police shortly after the hijacking took place, the Toyota Etios skipped a red light on the corner of Hugo and Milton Street. This would be the driver’s last move, as he drove straight into oncoming traffic and collided with three cars.

Police face-off with criminals

According to a local police source, one of the hijackers then exited the damaged vehicle carrying a knife. The police officer opened fire on the bungling robbers, fatally wounding one of them. A second suspect – thought to have also been involved in the carjacking – was injured in the crossfire.

In a video taken by an eyewitness shortly after the crash, a SAPS officer can be scene approaching the vehicle that had been stolen. He fires another round at the non-compliant crooks, before moving towards the vehicle. Thankfully, the situation eventually came under control despite the carnage that preceded it.

It is understood that IPID will also be investigating this matter, and several other occupants of the vehicles involved in the multi-car smash were taken to hospital. The wounded hijacker will be arrested following medical treatment.

Watch the aftermath of the Goodwood hijacking here:

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