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Gauteng reveals date for grade one and eight online applications for 2020

school structural defects death trap roodepoort hoerskook driehoekParents of the Class of 2020 will be able to apply for placement soon.

gauteng reveals date for grade one and eight online applications for 2020 1024x732 - Gauteng reveals date for grade one and eight online applications for 2020

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The Gauteng department of education has revealed the date for grade one and eight online applications.

When will grade one and eight online applications open?

As reported by eNCA, the provincial education department confirmed that applications for children entering primary and high school in 2020 would open on Monday, 13 May.

After a tedious application process for 2019 admissions, that left many parents frustrated and other children without placement, Gauteng’s Basic Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi, vowed to ensure equitable access for all schoolchildren.

“The online system was introduced to make it easy and convenient for parents to submit applications rather than queue at a school. It has also provided accurate information to the department for planning purposes.

“Applications are opened early to provide adequate time for planning of allocation of resources such as educators, classrooms, learning and teaching study materials,” he said.

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What are the requirements for online applications?

Lesufi indicated that the online system had been improved to allow for 50 000 active users at a time.

Moreover, considering the fact that there are children who require special needs education, as well as foreign nationals who benefit from South Africa’s education, the online system will also allow parents to submit as many as five documents per application.

These are the other updates to the application process:

  • Parents who submit applications will receive a confirmation notification with a reference number via SMS and/or email. It is critical that the registered cellphone number and email address belongs to the parent and not anyone else
  • It is also crucial that the parent keep a note of the reference number, as it is an indicator of the learner’s place in the waiting list
  • Parents will be notified via SMS and/or email if their child’s application has been accepted or denied.
  • Failure to notify the department of a response to the result of the application within seven days will result in the forfeiture of the child’s place in the queue

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‘Spaces in schools are not unlimited” – Lesufi

Lesufi explained that one of the most crucial factors that affect space in schools is the progression of learners in the current curriculum to the next grade.

“Spaces in schools are not unlimited and are subject to how many learners currently in the school progress to the next grade. As such, placement will be conducted on a first-come-first-serve basis,” he explained.

He also revealed that priority in the placement of pupils in schools will consider:

  • the home address of the learner in comparison to the nearest school within the feeder zone (is the learner’s home within 30km from the school?);
  • whether the applicant has a sibling at the chosen school; and
  • the parent’s work address (is it near or within the feeder zone?)

“We have noted criticism from some parents that the online system does not work. Parents should understand that living closer to the school does not entitle a person to automatic admission.

“Placement will depend on the time the application was made and availability of space in the school. That is why we urge parents to apply on time to avoid frustration,” the education MEC noted.

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