Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Free Emtee: Ambitiouz Entertainment repossesses star’s house and cars

emtee ambitiouz entertainmentThe rapper allegedly lost it all after a dispute with his label.

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The ‘Free Emtee’ campaign has taken a turn for the worst after it was reported that Ambitiouz Entertainment has officially dropped the star from its roster.

The ‘Roll Up‘ rapper’s face was splashed on the front page of the Sunday Sun, where it was reported that his break up with the label has cost him his cars and the luxury pad he lived in.

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Did Ambitiouz Entertainment repossess Emtee’s belongings?

His manager, Lebo Maswanganyi, confirmed that the rapper has moved back to Orange Grove, in Johannesburg, where he grew up before the fame.

Maswanganyi revealed that after the rapper, born Mthembeni Ndevu, launched the ‘Free Emtee’ campaign, calling for his supporters to compel Ambitiouz Entertainment to relieve him from his contract, things have turned sour between the two.

He’s been unhappy but as they were throwing money at him, he kept his cool. Until other artists (B3nchmarQ, Fifi Cooper and A-Reece) left, his eyes were opened to what was happening at Ambitiouz Entertainment.

“He really wants to be free, so he can have his creative freedom,” he said.

The origins of Emtee vs label beef

Label issues concerning artists and Ambitiouz have become a norm in local entertainment. Emtee has become the fourth notable act to publicly state his displeasure with how his label situation is set up at Ambitiouz.

In 2018 the independent label lost high-selling acts like A-Reece, Fefe Cooper and Benchmarq due to frustrations with how they were treated.

During the turmoil, the label’s most successful artist, Emtee, was quiet, opting to remove himself from taking any sides because at least his cheques were clearing.

However, we would learn of his frustrations earlier in 2019 when he made subliminal accusations about the quality of treatment he has received.

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Ambitiouz Entertainment denies all claims

The label’s owner, Kgosi Mahumapelo, has denied all of the rumours that have been circulating about his relationship with Emtee. According to the label honcho, he still actively manages the rapper.

“None of this is true. The issue of the house, car and two albums are not true. He doesn’t have any manager except me, I’m the one who has the right to talk on Emtee’s behalf.” he asserted.

However, much can be corroborated between the reports and the rapper’s recent tweet, revealing that he was back at home in Orange Grove.

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