Four gin cocktail recipes to try over sundowners

Unwind with one of these gin cocktails against the backdrop of South Africa’s epic sunsets. They are just perfect to conclude a long day.

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The picturesque sunsets of South Africa paint our blue skies every evening into a canvas of orange, red and pink shades. This scenic backdrop calls for a moment of reflection and relaxation with family and friends while sipping on a crisp and refreshing gin cocktail.

These four gin cocktail recipes will keep you covered for the rest of summer and usher you into autumn. What a delightful way to unwind after a long and stressful day.

The Monkarita cocktail – set the mood for a perfect evening

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The Monkarita Cocktail: Unwind slowly, sip by sip. Image: Supplied.

This tasty sundowner is inspired by the classic margarita cocktail. It contains 50 ml of MONKS Gin’s Mysterium gin which is a gin infused with Africa’s “miracle herb” buchu and sceletium. Did you know that sceletium is a natural mood enhancer? So, this gin cocktail is perfect to set the mood for a pleasant evening.

Some of the other key ingredients are lime juice to add some zest and also Mysterium Syrup for that full rounded cocktail experience. The only time-intensive step is making the Mysterium Syrup which is a cucumber, mint and green tea-infused syrup. You’ll only need to make this tasty cocktail ingredient once a month as it has a 4-week lifespan in the fridge and then you are geared for a whole month of refreshing cocktails.

Apple and Mint L-Gin Cocktail – Revitalising freshness that can quench any thirst

3d61ffcf apple and mint l gin cocktail - Four gin cocktail recipes to try over sundowners
Apple and Mint L-Gin Cocktail: Simply refreshing. Image: Supplied.

Hot summer afternoons dwindling slowly into warm evenings call for a refreshing and luscious gin cocktail. This Apple and Mint L-Gin Cocktail from L-Gin Craft Gin will quench any thirst and tickle every single taste bud on your tongue.

The main ingredient of this “must-try” cocktail is L-Gin Lush gin which is a gin infused with Granny Smith apples. Accompanied by citrus, mint and a tangy homemade lemon syrup, this cocktail will revitalise every cell succumbed to exhaustion.

Summery Gin Iced Tea – Make the most of our sunny season

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Summery Gin Iced Tea: A headily aromatic drink. Image: Supplied.

Create lasting memories with your besties while enjoying a headily aromatic gin cocktail. The base ingredient of this crisp cocktail is ClemenGold Gin, a soft citrus flavoured gin containing the essence of South Africa’s sweet and sun-ripened mandarin. Other ingredients making this cocktail a winner are zesty lime juice, rooibos iced tea, sugar syrup, orange bitters and fragrant oregano.

Serve chilled in a rocks glass filled with ice as a revitalising sundowner to conclude a long day. sundowner. One sip of this musky drink and you will have a new favourite cocktail to mix for your friends and family.

The Stormy Monk – A cocktail that will blow you away

cf99f302 the stormy monk - Four gin cocktail recipes to try over sundowners
The Stormy Monk: Indulge in a moment of pure flavour. Image: Supplied.

Allow the activities of the day to slowly dwindle away while relaxing with a Stormy Monk Gin Cocktail. It brings you the fruity taste of blueberries, known as a vitamin-rich superfood high in antioxidants.

The character of this gin cocktail is rooted in the base ingredient, the MONKS Medella Gin. Pomegranate juice, lemon juice and homemade Monks Medella simple syrup completes this tasty treat. The MONKS Medella syrup is easy to make at home and can be used in so many cocktails. It is infused with fresh thyme and blueberries, giving it a very unique flavour.

With these four gin cocktail recipes, there is no question what to do at the end of a long day. Simply sit back, unwind and watch the sunset on the colourful horizon as you slowly take another sip of your favourite gin cocktail.

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