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Fake news: Viral mutilation video is not linked to Naledi Lethoba murder

naledi lethobaThe circulating mutilation video has nothing to do with Naledi Lethoba, police confirm.

fake news viral mutilation video is not linked to naledi lethoba murder 1024x683 - Fake news: Viral mutilation video is not linked to Naledi Lethoba murder

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A video that has gone viral, showing an unidentified woman being viciously mutilated and stabbed by multiple suspects has been linked with the murder of Naledi Lethoba.

Who is Naledi Lethoba and what happened to her?

As reported by Times Live, the body of Lethoba, a 21-year-old student from Goldfields TVET College, in Welkom, Free State, was discovered in an open-field in Dagbreek on Wednesday, 19 May.

According to police spokesperson, Captain Stephen Thakeng, her body was found with a knife stuck in her neck and much of her torso and face burned.

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Investigators also made a gruesome discovery when they took a closer look at her charred chest — her breasts were cut off.

Lethoba’s body was collected by the forensic unit and stored as a Jane Doe until her family came forward a few days later and identified it as the 19-year-old girl from Bothaville.

Suspect linked to murder makes court appearance

21-year-old Obed Leshoro, a college mate of Lethoba, handed himself over to authorities on Tuesday and has been identified as the prime suspect in the vicious crime.

After a brief court appearance at the Welkom Magistrate’s Court, Leshoro was remanded in custody to await the next court date, set for 14 June, that will deal with his baila application.

Viral mutilation video is not linked to Lethoba

Since the news of Leshoro’s arrest made headlines earlier in the week, a video showing a woman being mutilated and stabbed went viral.

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At first, it was thought that this video was recorded and leaked by the 21-year-old suspect. However, it was quickly discovered that the victim in the gory mutilation video was not the 19-year-old Welkom student.

The source of the video is from a 2017 murder case in Brazil, where three female suspects were sought by authorities for slaughtering a rival gang member.

People have been urged to stop sharing the disturbing video and linking it to the death of Lethoba, as this is exacerbating the spread of fake news.

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