Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Ex-EFF MP links Julius Malema to party’s “mismanaged” R427 000

EFF Julius Malema Zolile XalisaThe EFF reject the claims of Zolile Xalisa, who left the party for the African Transformation Movement this month. He says Julius Malema “abused” party funds.

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When MPs leave the EFF, they tend to take a swipe at the party leader rather than go quietly into the sunset. We’ve already seen Thembinkosi Rawula fire his parting shots at Julius Malema, labelling him a “bloody crook” – and it seems he’s got some support from Zolile Xalisa.

Another EFF representative in Parliament seeking pastures new, Xalisa was also part of their Central Command Team (CCT). The group are responsible for tracking the finances of the party and act as one of the highest internal authorities the red berets have to answer to. As Sunday Times report, Xalisa has a few questions for the CIC.

What is Zolile Xalisa accusing Julius Malema of?

In a three-page resignation letter, Xalisa has accused Malema of failing to account for monthly payments of R427 000 in the party, which are made up by the monthly levies paid by MPs and MPLs.

In his fiery quitting speech, Xalisa accused Juju of creating “political zombies” within the party, who blindly follow his every word. He’s also suggested the man in charge has been appropriating party funds for himself:

“I am resigning from the EFF. It has become clear EFF is your bedroom, kitchen, toilet and your yacht. You intimidate people who dare question you – you’ve turned good men & women into your surrogates & political zombies.”

Zolile Xalisa

Departing EFF members take their shots at Juju

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi – the EFF spokesperson – has been quick to try and quell this particular fire. He claims “the lies” are motivated by Xalisa’s rejection from within the party itself. He found himself low down the list of preferred candidates for Parliament, and Ndlozi claims “it was unlikely” he’d return as an MP after May.

Meanwhile, Rawula has portrayed the party as something of a dictatorship, with Malema and Shivambu personally controlling the EFF purse strings. He insinuated that they also control the party through fear and intimidation – matching the allegations levelled by Zolile Xalisa.

However, don’t expect Julius Malema to take these accusations lying down. At a recent EFF press conference, Juju vowed to take Rawula to court and sue him for R1 million. It’s unclear if Xalisa – who has since joined Jimmy Manyi’s African Transformation Movement – will face the same fate.

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