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“Every vote counts,” – GOOD leader Patricia de Lille grateful for support

patricia de lille GOOD manifesto electionsGOOD, one of the parties contesting the 2019 elections, has only been around for four months and was formed after party leader Patricia De Lille left the DA.

every vote counts good leader patricia de lille grateful for support 1024x732 - “Every vote counts,” – GOOD leader Patricia de Lille grateful for support

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Patricia de Lille’s GOOD party has undoubtedly set the cat amongst the pigeons in the hotly contested Western Cape province during the 2019 elections.

The former Western Cape mayor endured a protracted exit from the DA last year and has done a remarkable job of putting together a platform and campaign. And it will seemingly result in representation in Parliament.

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Currently, the GOOD party has more than 43 000 votes with nearly half of the ballots counted. Around 35 000 votes are needed to secure a seat in Parliament.

Patricia De Lille, who has a loyal following in the Cape, was quick to express her happiness with the early results when she arrived at the IEC national results centre in Pretoria today.

“We are grateful and humbled, every vote counts. We have been around for only four months, and we’re committed to getting seats [in Parliament] and represent the people.”

De Lille previously led the Independent Democrats before merging with the DA and being officially dissolved as a separate political party in 2014, which helped secure the DA’s control of the Western Cape.

700c936f new tsa cover image 1200x858 48 - “Every vote counts,” – GOOD leader Patricia de Lille grateful for support
Image caption: “Our party agents are working hard around the country today. I admire our volunteers for their service to our country to assist our elections are free and fair. If you spot any of them, please say hi.” / Image via Twitter: @PatriciaDeLille

Prior to this, the Independent Democrats under Patricia De Lille had contested the national elections on two occasions, winning four seats in Parliament in 2009 and seven seats in 2004.

Clearly, Patricia de Lille brings a wealth of experience to the table as well as an established base of support. The DA could still very well regret parting ways with “Aunty Pat”, as she described herself on some election materials.

At this point, at least 40 000 of the votes that Patricia de Lille’s GOOD party has received have come from the Western Cape, which could result in serious changes to the political landscape in the province.

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