Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

Euthanasia activist Sean Davison avoids jail time

Sean Davison Euthanasia activistSean Davison, the euthanasia activist, will serve three years of house arrest while an eight-year jail term has been suspended for five years.

euthanasia activist sean davison avoids jail time 1024x576 - Euthanasia activist Sean Davison avoids jail time

08a324c2 sean davison euthanasia activist - Euthanasia activist Sean Davison avoids jail time

Sean Davison, an advocate of euthanasia, has been sentenced to three years of what is effectively house arrest for assisting the deaths of three people.

The euthanasia activist story so far

Davison first made the news nine years ago after it was revealed he controversially helped euthanise his sick mom in New Zealand in 2006.

He was then arrested in April 2018 under suspicion of having a hand in the death of Anrich Burger in 2013.

Charges for the murder of Justin Varian and Richard Holland were also added to his charge sheet.

As a proponent of assisted suicide, Davison has always maintained his innocence.

His mother was terminally ill, Burger was a quadriplegic, and Varian had motor-neuron disease and all had requested his help, according to Davison.

His mother had reportedly even tried unsuccessfully to starve herself to death.

Surprise sentencing

The news came as somewhat of a surprise to most who were gathering for what they thought would be a pre-trial hearing at the Western Cape High Court on Wednesday.

However, it was announced that Davison had entered into a plea and sentencing agreement with the state.

He was sentenced to three years of correctional supervision, which will be served at home. He is only allowed to leave his residence to go to work, church, or the doctor.

He was also given an eight-year jail term, which has been suspended for five years.

It is not yet clear whether in the plea Davison admitted to a charge of murder or if it was reduced to assisted suicide like the case with his mother back in 2006.

According to eNCA reporter at the court Pheladi Sethusa, none of the families of the people he helped kill wanted to see Davison behind bars.

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