Eskom warns of power cuts in North West due to vandalism [photos]

Eskom issued a notice of supply interruptions in North West province after the Shylock substation was vandalised. Here’s what you need to know.

eskom warns of power cuts in north west due to vandalism photos - Eskom warns of power cuts in North West due to vandalism [photos]

On Saturday, 11 July 2020, Eskom notified Koster and Swartruggens residents in the North West of a loss of supply. And act of vandalism at the SHylock stubstation lead to the loss of distribution power lines, “which has led to these supply interruptions”.

Eskom: Power cuts in North West Province

Koster and Swartruggens

Koster, Swartruggens and surrounding areas in the North West Province are affected, according to Eskom. The power utility said maintenance teams are “currently attending to the affected substation and power lines”.

Eskom apologised for any inconvenience caused and called on residents to contact the customer call centre on 0860 037 556.

dd86f8b1 eskom north west - Eskom warns of power cuts in North West due to vandalism [photos]
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When will the power be restored?

Residents should treat all electrical appliances as live during this.

As per the media statement issued by the North West Operating Unit, the estimated time of restoration (ETR) is 19:00 on Saturday 11 July. However, Eskom will inform the affected communities should there be any changes in the schedule.

Residents can also follow updates on Eskom’s official social media accounts. To prevent the spread of misinformation, residents are encouraged only to share official updates shared on the power utility’s verified accounts.

f193b6ea eskom north west 1 - Eskom warns of power cuts in North West due to vandalism [photos]
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Load shedding on Saturday 11 July 2020

Eskom was forced to implement load shedding this week after losing six generation units. Three of the six unites — at Tutuka, Arnot and Matimba power stations — were returned to service.

However, the loss had a “net effect on reducing plant breakdowns, which mean that South Africans were subjected to load shedding again on Friday and Saturday. Load shedding is currently in effect in parts and will be until 22:00, or until further updates are provided.

At the time of publishing, the probability of load shedding on Sunday 12 July 2020 has not yet been addressed.

While the rest of the country is currently in Stage 2, the City of Cape (CoCT) managed to “protect customers from one stage of load shedding.”

All City-supplied customers are therefore on Stage 1 load shedding. On Friday, the City of Cape Town confirmed that it was able to deploy extra generation supply capacity from its Steenbras Hydropower plant and gas turbines to stave off the worst of it.

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